Welcome to Timeline

edm1Hello, thanks for visiting the online site for my book, “Timeline – A history of editing”.

Timeline contains exclusive interviews with all of the key players including Randy Ubillos, Bill Warner, Adrian Ettlinger, Ralph Guggenheim, John Molinari, Bruce Rady, Dave Bargen, Ivan Maltz, Bill Ferster, Glenn Reid, Ron Barker, Chet Schuler and the QuickTime team.

It gives an insight into the development of CMX, Montage, Final Cut Pro,  Avid, EMC, Media 100, EditDroid, Lightworks, D-Vision, iMovie, in:sync, Premiere, Ediflex, ImMIX, Link, and many other systems for the first time.

The only way to distribute a document securely, is to use the copyright protection technology at the main ebook sites, and they do not allow me to offer a “pay what you like model”. I hope the cost of a few coffees or one beer is not too much.

The monthly excerpt from John Buck’s book, ‘Timeline’. Available at iBooks and Amazon

As well as reading the book you can join an online forum. The founders of Avid, D-Vision, EMC, Media 100 and many others have joined the Timeline Group at LinkedIn.





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